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Unseen for Orchestra (2022) 8′
Instrumentation: 2 (2.picc.), 2 (2.e.h.), 2 (2., 2,4,2,3, tba., timp.,perc., e.pno. str.
The Emerald Necklace (2019) 18’
Commissioned by the Boston Symphony Orchestra for performances in 2020
Instrumentation: 1(.picc.) 1 (.e.h.) 1 (bass),1,1,1,,1,perc. str.
Journey Through The Eternal Forest (2014) 15’
Commissioned by the Boston Classical Orchestra: Steven Lipsitt, conductor
Elizabeth Rowe, flute, John Ferrillo, oboe
Instrumentation: 1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,str.
Sholem Aleichem’s Clock (2013) 9’
Commissioned by The Longwood Symphony Orchestra: Ronald Feldman, conductor
Instrumentation: 2(2.picc.) 2 (2.e.h.) 2,2,4,3,3,1,timp. perc. str.
Island Universe for Orchestra (2012) 14’
Instrumentation: 2( 2.pic.) 2 (2.e.h.) 2 2.eflat, ,2,2,,0,0, perc. str.
Earth Song for Cello and Orchestra (2009) 25’
Commissioned by the Boston Classical Orchestra: Steven Lipsitt, conductor
Emmanuel Feldman, cello,
Instrumentation: 2(2. pic.) 2 (2. e.h.) 2,2,2,2,0,0, timp. str.
Blast (2016) 11”
Premiered by The Governor’s School Orchestra Orlando Cela , conductor
Instrumentation: 2(2.pic.) 2,2,3,4,3,3,1,timp,perc,str.
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (2004) 20’
Recorded by The Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra: Julius Williams, conductor, Eva Szekely, violin
Instrumentation: violin solo, perc, hp, str.
Magical Dreamscape  (2001) 14’
Commissioned by the Metamorphosen Chamber Orchestra: Christopher Kim, conductor
(string orchestra)
Mellennial Interlude  (2000) 10’
Commissioned by Alea III Ensemble: Theodore Antoniou, conductor
Instrumentation: 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,0,timp, perc. str.
Concerto for Soprano-Saxophone and Orchestra (1993) 25’
Premiered by the University of Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra: David Becker, conductor. Les Thimmig, soloist
Instrumentation: 3, (3.pic.) 2, e.h. 3 (2.eflat, 3. 3,4,3,3,1, timp, perc str.

Chamber Ensembles

Harlequins Escapades for Reed Quintet (2023) (9”)
Commissioned by Voyager Reed Quintet
The Dignified Heart for Piano Trio (2023)
Commissioned by The Rivers School Conservatory
Fantasie for Saxophone Quartet (2022) 9′
Song of Myself A Walt Whitman Triptych for Oboe, Bassoon and Piano (2018) 13″
Fantasy for Tenor Saxophone and Bass Clarinet (2018) (9”)

Commissioned by Duo Hevans Eleri Ann Evans, tenor saxophone and Henri Bok, bass clarinet
The Devil’s Final Challenge (2018) (12”)
Commissioned by Zodiac Trio: Kliment Krylovskiy, clarinet, Vanessa Mollard, violin, Riko Higuma, piano
The Signs of Our Time (2017) 15’
Commissioned by Loadbang
Night Wanderings for Clarinet and Percussion Quartet (2017) 12’
Commissioned by Clarinetfest2017 Kliment Krylovskiy, clarinet, FCU percussion Ensemble Thad Anderson, director
Journey Toward The Eternal Flame (2014) 15’
Commissioned by Boston Woodwind Society: John Ferrillo, oboe, Richard Svoboda, bassoon
Damien Francoeur-Krzyzek, piano
Klezmer Fanyazye (2012) 8’
Premiered and Recorded by Zodiac Trio: Kliment Krylovskiy, clarinet, Vanessa Mollard, violin, Riko Higuma, piano
Island Universe for Woodwind Quintet (2012) 18’
Commissioned by Western Michigan University: premiered by the Western Wind Quintet
Visions of the Aboriginal Dreamtime (2012) (15”)
Commissioned and Recorded by Zodiac Trio: Kliment Krylovskiy, clarinet, Vanessa Mollard, violin, Riko Higuma, piano
Mosaics for Woodwind Quartet (2012) 11’
Commissioned by Boston Woodwind Society
Instrumentation: fl.,ob.,cl.,bn.
Mosaics for Woodwind Quintet (2012) 11’ (Arrangement)
Commissioned by Boston Woodwind Society
Instrumentation: fl.,ob.,cl.,hn., bn.
The Gargoyles of Notre Dame (2011) 12’
Commissioned by Western Michigan University premiered by Birds on A Wire Ensemble
David Colson, conductor
Instrumentation: fl. (pic.) cl. ( vln, vla. vlc. pn. perc.
Night Fantasy for Alto Saxophone and Piano (2011) 11’
Commissioned by MTNA: premiered by Philipp Staeudlin, saxophone, Yoko Higano, piano
Sonatine for Bassoon Quartet (2010) 10’
Commissioned by The New England Bassoon Quartet
Noa Noa A Gauguin Tableau (2008) 17’
Commissioned and recorded by MONTAGE Music Society Bruce Creditor, clarinet Sarita Uranovsky, violin, Debra Ayres, piano
Quartetto-Alto Basso  (2005) 12’
Commissioned by Sta-Mane Clarinet Quartet
Oh My Beloved Three Songs for Mezzo-Soprano, Clarinet and Piano text by Rumi (1996) 12’
Commission by Soli Espri: D’Anna Fortunato, sop. Chester Brezniak, cl. David Witten, pn.
Oh My Beloved Three Songs for Mezzo-Soprano, Clarinet and String Quintet text by Rumi
(2006) 12’ (Arrangement)

String Ensembles

Seven Musical Portraits for Two Violas (2018) 14’\
Beyond the Celestial Horizon for String Trio (2021) 14′
Commissioned by Concordia String Trio for their 20th anniversary season
String Quartet No 6 ”Song of The Angel” (2019) 13’
Commissioned by Esterhazy Quartet for their 50th Anniversary Season
String Quartet No 5 ”Time Cycles” (2015) 18’
Commissioned by the Arneis Quartet
Klezmer Fantazye for String Octet (2012) 9’
Commissioned by the Turtle Island and Boston String Quartets
Klezmer Fantazye for String Quartet (2012) 9′
Klezmer Fantazye for String Quintet (2012) 9′
Klezmer Fantazye for String Orchestra (2012) 9′
Halcyon Quintet for Flute and String Quartet (2012) 20’
Commissioned by BMOP Chamber Ensemble: Rachel Braude, flute
Love Dances for Cello and Contrabass (2007) 14’
Commissioned by Cello e Basso Emmanuel Feldman, cello, Pascale Delache-Feldman, contrabass
Serenade for String Trio (2006) 14’
Commissioned by the Concordia String Trio: Marcia Henry Liebenow, violin Leslie Perna, viola, Darry Dolezal, cello
String Quartet No 4 (2005) 20’
Commissioned by the DaVinci Quartet
Six Bagatelles for String Trio (2002) 14’
Commissioned by the Concordia String Trio: Marcia Henry Liebenow, violin, Leslie Perna, viola, Darry Dolezal, cello
Dynamic Trio for Two Violins and Percussion (2001) 13’
Premiered by Eva Szekely and Evgueni Ratchev, violins, Thomas Stubbs percussion
String Quartet No. 3 (1999) 18’
Commissioned by Esterhazy Quartet
Three Musical Meditations for String Trio (1995) 9’
Premiered by Aspen Contemporary Ensemble Aspen, CO (2 violins, viola)
String Quartet No. 2 In Memoriam: Aaron Copland (1992) 23’
Commissioned by The Boston Composers String Quartet
String Quartet No. 1 in Eight Movements (1990) 15’
Premiered by The Boston Composers String Quartet

Vocal Music

Going Forth By Day for Countertenor, Viola and Piano on Texts from the Book of The Dead (2020) 24’
Premiered by Tai Oney, Countertenor, Brett Deubner, viola and Riko Higuma, piano
Calder’s Universe for Soprano and Piano (2017) 7’
Commissioned by Berklee College of Music
Tony Arnold, soprano Jacob Greenberg, piano
Journey of Seasons (2016) 30’
Commissioned by Amici Tonic Vocal Ensemble (SATB, clarinet, piano)
On the Wing and Song Cycle in Celebration of Birds (2013) 30’
Premiered by Krista River, mezzo-soprano George Lopez, piano
Songs of Love and Remembrance for Soprano, Harp and Piano (2010) 20’
Commissioned by Mr. Peter Morris and Mr John Andrew Frey cofounders of the Washington
Institute for Creative Activity: Lisa Saffer, soprano, Sarah Bob, piano, Ina Zdorovechi, harp
The Four Seasons on Haiku by Basho (2009) 7’
Premiered by Stephen Ng, tenor, Kristie Born, piano
Eros Dialogues: Songs for Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor and String Quartet (2005) 30’
Commissioned by Janus 21:Premiered by Esterhazy Quartet, D’Anna Fortunato mezzo-sop. Michael Calmes, tenor
Two Persian Love Songs on poems by Kaveh Goharin (2001) 6’
Premiered by D’Anna Fortunato mezzo-soprano, John McDonald, piano
Three Love Songs for Soprano and Piano (1999) 10’
Commissioned by D’Anna Fortunato mezzo-soprano as part of a celebration of New England
Composers Past and Present
Four Songs for Soprano and Piano on texts by Emily Dickinson (1993) 10’
Premiered by Carol Millard, sop. William Merrill, pn.


I Believe in the Sun: A Prayer for Peace SATB (2024) 9′
The Lord’s Prayer for Mixed Chorus (2001) 6’
Premiered by NEC Vocal Quartet
Three Animal Songs for Children’s Choir and Piano on Poems by Ogden Nash (1996) 6’
The Longy Youth Choral Judith Kotok, cond. Cambridge, MA
Kyrie-Gloria for Mixed Chorus (1994) 5’
Premiered by The Gregg Smith Singers Saranac Lake, NY

Piano Music

Le Pont Universel (2024) 15′
Commissioned by pianist Stephen Porter
From The Temple of Dendera Twelve Piano Etudes Inspired by the Egyptian Zodiac (2011) 30’
Commissioned by pianist George Lopez Artist-in-Residence Bowdoin College
Nocturne for Piano (2001) 5′
Three Sketches for Piano (2006) 9’
Commissioned John McDonald piano
Piano Sonata No. 2 (2001) 20’
Commissioned by Daniel Schene, piano
Mystical Journey for Two Pianos (2000) 11’
Commissioned to be performed during an exhibition of architectural models at Le Palazzo delle
Esposizioni in the Via Nationale Rome: Premiered by Piano Duo Post and Muldar
Piano Sonata No.1 (1996) 18’
Stephen Gosling, piano
Six Piano Etudes (1995) 9’
Premiered by Stephen Gosling piano

Solos and Duos

Lament for Antoniou for Solo Flute (2020) 5′
Three Hymns to Ra for Solo Viola (2022) 7′
Commissioned by violist Brett Deubner
Soliloquy for Solo Violin (2021) 14′
Commissioned by violinist Lilit Hartunian
Trois tableaux de la Cote d’ Azur for Flute, Clarinet and Piano (2016) 12’
Kliment Krylovskiy, clarinet Sergio Pallottelli, flute, Francine Kay, piano
From The Heart of Ra for Viola and Piano (2016) 16’
Commissioned by Leslie Perna, viola
Rhapsody for Violin and Piano (2012) 14’
Premiered by Eva Szekely, violin Daniel Schene, piano
The Awakening Heart for Flute Solo (2010) 7’
Commissioned by Alan Weiss, flute
Fantasy for Violin and Piano (2005) 7’
Commissioned by Duo Diorama: MingHuan Xu, violin Winston Choi, piano
Elegy for Clarinet and Piano (2004) 3’30”
Premiered by Peter Cokkinias, clarinet, Yakov Gubanov, piano
Tango-Tango for Solo Cello and Dancer (2003) 10’
Commissioned by The Handel and Haydn Society, Reinmar Seidler cello. Carolyn Merritt, dancer
Soliloquy for Bass Clarinet (2001) 5’
Commissioned by Henri Bok, bass clarinet
Three Duets for Bass Clarinets (2001) 9’
Commissioned by Peter Cokkinias and Henri Bok, bass clarinet
Suite For Solo Violin (2000) 14’
Commissioned by Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst: Eva Szekely, violin
Duo For Violin and Piano (1997) 14’
Commissioned by The Szekely-Schene Duo: Eva Szekely, violin Daniel Schene, piano
Sonata for Cello and Piano (1997) 20’
Commissioned The University of Missouri Research Board
Darry Dolezal, cello Thomas Stumpf, piano
Harp Nocturne (1996) 10’
Commissioned by Jocelyn Chang, harp
Duo for Flute and Piano (1996) 10’
Premiered by Peggy Friedland, flute, Martin Amlin, piano
Five Miniatures for Solo Clarinet (1994) 9’
Premiered by Chester Brezniak, clarinet